Vocal Energy Therapy® is an integrative approach to eliciting and empowering one’s authentic voice as a tool of expression and self-healing, from before a sound is conceived, to ease in everyday sound making, to holding an audience with vocal energy and expression.

Developed by Eleanor Fye, the method can benefit everyone, from people who have a constant “catch” in their throat or feel they can’t speak or sing, to executives who want to push through walls to peak performance, to seasoned actors and musicians who want to address performance blocks or further integrate the embodiment of their energetic ‘voices’ onstage.

The method incorporates techniques from classical and jazz vocal pedagogy, hypnotherapy, voice-based sound healing, energy medicine, and lifestyle and communication coaching. It is founded on the principle that every voice matters, and that to “know thyself” facilitates our greatest contributions to the world.

Eleanor Fye is a professional singer, certified hypnotherapist, Reiki master, and energy medicine practitioner based in Berkeley, CA, USA. Following a 20+ year call to vocal healing work, she studied 5-elements and Traditional Chinese Medicine-based sound, color, and movement therapy with Fabien Maman in Switzerland, and vocal toning techniques with Jonathan Goldman in Colorado. She completed the Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Course at the Omega Institute in Rheinbeck, NY.

She obtained a master’s degree in Information and Library Studies from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and had a long career in content strategy and communications before quitting a high-tech company to focus full time on creative and healing arts. This education and experience, plus her generalist approach, allows her to see the human energy/bio field as a complex, multi-dimensional information system, with many functional parallels to, for instance, software development and deployment, knowledge management, and community ecosystems.

Her work is informed by her own journey of healing, as well as lifelong reading interests in comparative religion, theology and spirituality; quantum and complex systems theory; leadership; and conduct of life. Her training and experience also include Eastern and Western approaches to mindfulness and meditation, mediation and conflict resolution, communications and journalism, expressive arts (writing, drawing, songwriting, instrumental and vocal music-making, Touch Drawing), and body movement (yoga, dance, stage performance, Alexander Technique, Feldenkreis).